Tutorial 11: Blog Reflection

The task for the final tutorial was to critique the blogs of other students (from a different tutorial). My sympathy to the tutors who have to mark entire cohort because I was mentally fatigued after just five.

After number three, I started marking on difference. If this blog met the minimum criteria, how did it differ from the blogs before it?

But lessons to take forward (in no particular order):

  1. Don’t just summarise content from the lectures.
  2. Don’t just summarise content from the lectures.
  3. Post regularly, don’t cluster them.
  4. Personal or topics outside of the class, as long as relevant to blog, make for a nice change of pace.
  5. Pictures and graphic content matter.
  6. Longer is not necessarily better.
  7. Clear titles matter.
  8. Archive pages are useful, or someway to quickly see a list of posts (ie infinite scroll)
  9. Personalise design.

I (almost) wish that we had done this exercise a week before the blog was due, as I would have changed how I wrote and set out some of my posts.