Pecha Kucha: Reviews

There were lots of interesting topics spoken about in my tutorial. From aviation posters, to children’s book design, Australiana, to cosplay.

I am going to focus on the talk on children’s books. My interest in children’s books has become more critical now I have one of the paper-munching beasties. So I may have watched this talk with an acquisitive eye.  The talk focused on evolution of children’s books in Australia with changing social concerns and technology. One of the impacts personal computers had was the switch from analogue mediums, like painting and collage, to digital painting/illustration. However, I do disagree with the presenter that traditional mediums are more authentic. She also covered how the content of children’s books in Australia have changed. There is now more inclusion and diversity in characters. And a greater awareness of issues around Indigenous Australia and its first peoples, as well as later arrivals.

The second talk that I am going to look at briefly was on cosplay. Or costume play. The presenter discuss how cosplay was a result of trans-pacific transfer of ideas (multiple times) between the United States and Japan. She touched on how cosplay has evolved since the 60s, as well as key conventions and individual cosplayers.